Cheap Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

High risk auto insurance, also known to many as non-standard auto insurance, is coverage provided for high risk drivers. While there weren't that many high risk drivers decades back, today more drivers are classified under this category. But what is a high risk driver? How does one define a person who is considered by insurers as a high risk driver?

If you need to submit a few documents so that your driver's license can be reinstated, then you are probably a high risk driver. It's not just those who have DUIs or those who have that innate need for speed who are deemed as high risk drivers though, mature or senior drivers 70 and older are usually classified as high risk drivers by insurers. While older drivers get high premiums because they are too old, younger ones are punished with high rates because they are too young. Other drivers considered as high risk are the real high risk ones i.e. those who have a number of auto accidents under their belt and who have a lot of traffic violations to boot.

Because more people are now considered as high risk on the road, insurance policies for high risk drivers are now entering the mainstream. Decades ago, this type of insurance was hard to come by making it almost impossible for high risk drivers to find cheap car insurance no matter where they looked. This type of insurance however was readily available even decades ago but was just too expensive, so that very few people could afford the premium.

Cheap Car Insurance with a DUI/DWI

If you spent a bit of time in jail because of a DUI or DWI, you do not really have to pay a high premium so that you can get auto insurance. There are many car insurance companies out there that are willing to work with you in getting the best auto insurance possible. In fact, these companies will even help you in getting your license back if you have not yet done the paperwork.

Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Drivers

Traditional insurers will require you to have an impeccable driving record so that you can get the best rates possible. Accidents happen though and whether it was your fault or not, this will stay on your record forever and will be taken against you when applying for an auto insurance policy. The bottom line with most companies is that they do not like accident-prone drivers because this would mean losing a lot of money at one point.

If you were involved in a road mishap recently, chances are, your car insurance premium will go up. Those who have been involved in more than one traffic accident and have a lot of tickets or violations usually get ridiculously high premiums to the point that they could no longer afford to get insurance anymore. While traditional insurers will never take the risk to provide these individuals with coverage, there are companies out there who are willing to work with you just so you are covered.

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