Cheap Car Insurance for Your Antique Cars

While most think it is almost impossible to get car insurance for an antique ride especially if one is gunning for an affordable policy, one should keep in mind that antique cars are different from your regular cars and getting a policy from a traditional provider is definitely a bad idea. Getting real cheap insurance for your antique car is really impossible if you are planning to just get coverage from your insurer that covers your other cars but if you get an insurance company that specializes in providing car insurance for antique cars then you will definitely get a bargain price. How is that again? Getting a bargain price for your antique car's insurance policy?

The main reason why companies that specialize in providing car insurance for antique cars can afford to advertise cheap car insurance policies and actually give very low rates to their clients is that these cars are in tip top shape and usually do not need to be repaired. The risk of these classic cars getting involved in a traffic or motor accident is pretty slim too so chances are, the insurance company will not really be shouldering much. In fact they would even make a lot of money by providing cheap car insurance coverage for antique cars.

What makes a car an antique?

An antique car is a car that is over 45 years old as defined by the Antique Automobile Club of America. This definition however is not the legal definition of what an antique car is so this is something that car owners should pay attention to in case they have not found the right antique car insurer just yet. Taking a look at your antique vehicle registration is a fine idea for you to have an idea what an antique car is according to the law or to the government at least and not according to connoisseurs. One thing is for sure though, if your car belongs to the antique car era i.e. the brass car era or the veteran car era, then surely, your car is an antique. Most of these cars range from cars that were produced when cars were still relatively new up to the 1930s.

If your car is in original condition or was restored, then it is very valuable. These cars are usually exhibited in car shows or just kept and not driven by those who own them to protect them from any kind of wear and tear.

There are also cars that one might call vintage. These cars are usually cars produced before the Second World War. If you want the nitty-gritty on what makes a car antique however, you should look into the engine displacement or the automatic lubrication system of the car itself to see if it's an antique or vintage.

Ensure though that your insurer has the same definitions as you do because some antique car insurance companies have different sets of definitions.

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